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COVID-19 Temporary Processing Policies

Delta Dental of New Mexico (DDNM) is implementing certain temporary Processing Policy changes in response to COVID-19 and the Public Health Emergency declared by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham in Executive Order 2020-004. Our goal is to help keep our members and providers safe by giving providers more options to reduce the spread of infection in their dental practices. Please see the temporary Processing Policies below. They will be in effect until the Public Health Emergency in New Mexico ends.

For all procedure codes listed below, DDNM will only make a benefit payment if the service is covered under the dental insurance Contract/Policy and the enrollee has benefits available.

D0140 - Problem Focused Examination

Effective: March 20, 2020 through December 31, 2020

DDNM will benefit a Problem Focused Examination whether provided in a dental office or through a virtual/telemedicine visit. This change will allow providers equipped with telemedicine capabilities to determine remotely whether a patient needs to come into the office for urgent or emergency treatment. Prior to this change, DDNM would not cover a Problem Focused Examination occurring through telemedicine services.

D2941 - Interim Therapeutic Restoration

Effective: April 24, 2020, until the end of the Public Health Emergency in New Mexico

DDNM will benefit an Interim Therapeutic Restoration on primary teeth, even if a permanent restoration was completed within twenty-four months. This change will reduce cross-contamination and the exposure of aerosols produced from high-speed rotary instruments. Prior to this change, DDNM would not cover an Interim Therapeutic Restoration if a permanent restoration had been completed within 24 months.

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