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Smiles For Kids

Healthy Learning Starts With A Healthy Smile

Through the Smiles for Kids program, the Delta Dental Foundation provides grants to nonprofit organizations throughout New Mexico to help fund dental education initiatives and programs designed to promote children’s oral health, especially to those in underserved areas.


In considering grants, the Delta Dental Foundation evaluates each application on its own merits. Of particular interest are programs designed to promote/improve the oral health of underserved or at-risk populations and to those which have an oral health education component.

The Delta Dental Foundation considers the programs in which the organization is engaged, the constituencies it serves, the services it offers, its accountability and its fundraising practices, and the level of local community support it attracts.

Although exceptions may be made, in general, grants are not provided for building construction or to cover an organization’s normal overhead expenses. Primary consideration is given to supporting meritorious programs or activities for which other sources of funding are unavailable. Grant recipients may reapply in future years, as long as a report detailing use/impact of the grant monies is provided with the application.

  • The Smiles for Kids grants program is limited to a maximum of $5,000 per grant.
  • Grants must be dedicated to local nonprofit programs designed to promote oral health in New Mexico.
  • Only one proposal per organization per year will be considered.

Smiles 4 Kids Grant Guidelines

2024 Smiles for Kids Grant Application

Smiles for Kids Grant Reporting Form