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Pooled Group Plans

Delta Dental of New Mexico offers a menu of fully insured dental plans with varying levels of benefits and a choice of dentist networks based on the size of the group. Plan designs and new business premiums are the same for all employers in the pool, which helps stabilize future premium adjustments, control the plan costs associated with administration, and enhance affordability.

To meet the varying budget and benefit goals, each individual employer is able to select from several deductible and plan maximum options within the standard plan designs offered. With several affordable pricing options, the required 50 percent employer contribution to employee premiums can be as little as $10.00 – $15.00 a month per employee!

Many dental plans require a benefit waiting period before major services are considered eligible expenses. With Delta Dental's small group pool, the waiting period for major services is waived for any employer with a comparable prior dental plan and—on all plans for all employers—preventive care is covered immediately at 100 percent.

Small group pool plans are available to groups with 2 to 99 eligible employees.