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Teledentistry Virtual Visits

Covering You 24/7

Dental emergencies don’t always happen between the hours of eight to five. That’s why Delta Dental of New Mexico members have access to 24/7 dental care whenever and wherever they are.1,2,3

Use Delta Dental Virtual Visits delivered by when your dentist is not available and you're:

  • Having an after-hour dental issue
  • Traveling and need dental assistance
  • Facing a dental emergency but don’t have a regular dentist to call

Delta Dental Virtual Visits are considered covered in-network services.1,2 In addition to your consult, a dentist can write a prescription,3 and refer an in-network dentist if you don’t have one.

Sign into the Delta Dental Virtual Visits patient portal or call 866.302.0905.
Fill out your e-documents.
Take photos of the problem area if necessary.
Begin your dental consultation.


Click the link below to to learn more about our TeleDentistry partner.



1 Delta Dental Virtual Visits are only available to Delta Dental of New Mexico members whose plans include coverage for oral exams.
2 This service supplements your current plan coverage and should be
used after business hours, holidays and weekends, or when your regular dentist is unavailable. A virtual visit delivered by is counted as a problem-focused examination (D0140) under your plan and does not count as one of your regular
preventive oral exams.
3 E-prescriptions are not available internationally.