If you have been impacted by the Ruidoso South Fork wildfire, and live in any of the affected areas, Delta Dental is able to provide you with assistance for any of your dental needs. Please call our customer service department directly at (505) 855-7111 with any questions or concerns.

Explanation of Benefits

Each time you visit a Dental Provider, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (“EOB”) following the visit. This document is NOT a bill but provides you with a breakdown of your Benefits and the Services that you received. The EOB will provide you with our Benefit determination, any payment made by us, and any amount still owed to the Dental provider. If you are having trouble understanding your EOB, use the guide below:

Download Explanation of Benefits (EOB) PDF Here

EOBs are mailed directly to you, except when you do not owe a balance. If you do not owe a balance on the cost of your dental procedure, you can access a copy of your EOB online using the Member Portal.

If you have questions about an EOB, give us a call at (877) 395-9420!