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Benefit Manager Toolkit FAQs

Have questions? Below you will find answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about the Benefit Manager Toolkit. If your question is not answered here, please contact your Account Manager.


What is a Client Administrator?
A Client Administrator is a representative from your company who manages all of the company’s Benefit Manager Toolkit (BMT) accounts. The Client Administrator will set up accounts for new BMT users, plus manage current user accounts, including resetting passwords, updating user contact information and setting access levels (ex: read-only).
What is the benefit of having a Client Administrator?
By having a Client Administrator, your organization will have much more control over the Benefit Manager Toolkit experience. Since you will no longer have to wait for Delta Dental to set up users or reset a forgotten password, you and your staff get immediate access to the Toolkit and its eligibility management features.
Can we continue having Delta Dental create Benefit Manager Toolkit user accounts instead of having a Client Administrator?
No. Management of all Benefit Manager Toolkit user accounts is transitioning to the group.
How does my company set up a Client Administrator?
Setting up a Client Administrator is easy.
  1. First, tell us who your Client Administrator will be. You can send your Delta Dental representative an email with the Client Administrators contact information, or download this form and fax it to [FAX].
  2. Next, the Client Administrator will receive an email with a security code and a link to register. The Client Administrator has 30 days from the date the email was sent to register before the code expires.
  3. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the registration.
The Client Administrator may begin managing Benefit Manager Toolkit accounts as soon as registration is complete.
If the Client Administrator is already registered for Benefit Manager Toolkit, do they have to set up a new account?
Yes. Current Benefit Manager Toolkit user accounts will be deactivated after the Client Administrator is set up.
Can the Client Administrator choose their username and password for Benefit Manager Toolkit?
Yes. The Client Administrator will choose their username and password during the registration process.
How does the Client Administrator add a Benefit Manager Toolkit user?
The Client Administrator will go to the Client Admin section and choose “Create User”. The Client Administrator will then input the user’s name and information, and set a username and password.
How long does it take to add or terminate a user?
Depending on the speed of your internet connection, either function should take no more than three to four minutes.
Can the Client Administrator reset passwords?
Yes. The Client Administrator will be able to reissue passwords for Benefit Manager Toolkit users.
How many Client Administrators can my company have?
You may have one Client Administrator per organization. 
Can the Client Administrator limit the features a user can access?
Yes. The Client Administrator may grant read-only access to a Benefit Manager Toolkit user, or restrict the user’s access to select subgroups. The Client Administrator may also grant access to Client Knowledge or billing reports (if applicable).
Will Client Administrators be able to see usernames and passwords?
Client Administrators can see a Benefit Manager Toolkit user’s username, but not their current password. Client Administrators have the ability to reset passwords.
Can Benefit Manager Toolkit users choose their own username and password?
The Client Administrator will set up the Benefit Manager Toolkit user’s username and initial password. Toolkit users are encouraged to reset their password.
How does this affect current Benefit Manager Toolkit users?
Once a Client Administrator is active, access to all current Benefit Manager Toolkit accounts will be revoked and the Client Administrator will set up new user accounts. This will cleanse the system of any out-of-date accounts and ensure all users have the correct access. Client Administrators will have 30 days to set up the new accounts before access to the old accounts are revoked.
What happens if the Client Administrator leaves the company or if we want to change Client Administrators?
If the Client Administrator leaves, please notify your Delta Dental representative. Delta Dental will disable the Client Administrator’s access and add a new Client Administrator.
Can the Client Administrator reset their own password if they lose or forget it?
Yes, as long as the Client Administrator can correctly answer the secret question provided during registration.
What do I do if my company is not already using Benefit Manager Toolkit?
Contact us to get set up! Your Client Administrator will register first through the process outlined above, and they can then begin creating Benefit Manager Toolkit accounts for other users. You can always contact your Delta Dental representative with any questions. 

Will I need to make a new username?
No, your existing BMT username and password will continue to work with the new BMT.